Alina F (alinaf) wrote,
Alina F

I'm disappointed in Obama, and that's a good thing

I'm disappointed in Obama. Why did he have to lie? Look so smug? Repeat passages from his last debate verbatim? Why couldn't he answer questions more directly? Appear more energetic? WTH? But then again, I'm not Joe the Plumber. Barack doesn't care about my vote. He knows he's got it. Why the hell would I ever think I'd get a guy in the white house who will represent me? Everyone wants someone to represent them. And a box of chocolates. And a long-stemmed rose.

I'm Joe's broken sense of entitlement.

Perhaps enough people found him convincing last night. Or simply not enough people liked McPain, which is more likely. Barack has definitely shown he has many faces, a true politician. And in this case it's a compliment.
Tags: politics

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